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Vijaya and I ventured out to start our journey as entrepreneurs four years back with the determination to provide the best, efficient nutrition food products to our consumers. This is our journey and the focus of the journey is you our customers and our product quality.

I have also have been a long distance runner for quite sometime then into swimming as well as cycling. I had some unique experiences in swimming, including crossing the english channel between the UK and France in relay team. The amateur athletic part of me has influenced to do what we are doing now as entrepreneurs.

Vijaya, also my life partner, is steadfast in anything she takes on, choose to be a housewife for a long period. Today, she has created all the products we have at Sirimiri. She is our R&D Team and strength behind our products.

While starting the journey, a lot of our products were developed for my consumption due to my strenuous workout schedule involving Swimming, Cycling and Running. We got an idea of trying this as a small venture to see if there is an acceptance with the general customers.

Three years back, we put a stall in International Millet Mela @ Bangalore and response from consumers was overwhelming. We saw a good opportunity to provide the highest-grade nutrition food products in the market. We understood that customers are always looking for the best quality products and the options are limited for them in the packaged food industry.

We surely lack the resources many big or highly funded companies in the industry do, yet, if we keep consumers as our sole priority and highest quality products as the channel to reach them and conduct our business with the stamina required to run that of a marathon, we would have a fighting chance.

It is the passion that matters. Passion and hard work are potent combination. This is no bed of roses. There were tears, there were frustrations and hardships which looked insurmountable but we took a day at a time and remained convinced that all the difficulties are worth it. We are just getting started.

Initially, we had three variants of nutrition bars (Almond & Raisins, Fig n Flax & Pumpkin Seeds) and three variants of muesli (Almond & Raisin, Pumpkin Seeds & Cranberries, Pistachios & Blueberries). Later we have expanded to eight types of nutrition bars, six types of muesli and probiotic athletes’ protein bars, probiotic vegan dates bar. We recently launched jaggery based chikkies in four variants. We are working on many products that are very native to our country.

Every passing day, we are learning new facts of life revolving around the products we create and the consumers we serve. Food is one of the critical aspects that will help us lead a good life. We believe that we can contribute towards the health and well -being of our consumers.

It is not unusual for us to get calls from customers who speak to us with a lot of affection. They would tell us that they have been using our products for years and genuinely want to talk to us to get to know about us. These types of calls from our consumers give us motivation and energy to continue.

We focus on providing the best quality products. We understand that the result is not in our hands and it is a by product of what we do day in day and day out delivering the top-class products that all consumers deserve.

We are working hard so that, Sirimiri will thrive for a long number of years and we shall leave our brand as a legacy to the next generation of consumers.

About the Founders

Vijaya Rajan – Homemaker turned entrepreneur, focuses her energy on developing food products that are good for body and mind in the long run. She believes that entrepreneurship is a finer alignment of passion and purpose.
Very frustrated about the aisles full of sugar loaded food products in the supermarkets claiming to be nutritious, started her own small initiative to provide genuine products with natural ingredients. Vijaya is a post graduate in commerce and loves philosophy. She believes that the opportunity favours those who connect with the customers directly.
And when she gets time, worries about her son like any other mother would do and is never afraid of long hours and hard work.

Rajan Srinivasan – Joined Vijaya in her quest to be an entrepreneur and loves challenges. Worked as a technology leader for more than two decades with some of the large multinationals at various places across the world. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Master’s in Computer Science and a M.B.A specializing in Information Technology Management.

Rajan is responsible for the operations of the company and strongly believes in quality processes. No company can achieve success without having to focus on the repeatable, verifiable quality process. He is an avid runner, cyclist and a swimmer. Has done a few half marathons, Olympic distance triathlons, multiple long-distance sea swimming. He has crossed English Channel from UK to France as part of the relay team.

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