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Chikkies are simple products, made with what is naturally and locally available. We present you the best Chikkies made with pure Jaggery. Our Chikkies will impress you with the taste and help you with the nature given nutrition.

Chikkies are done using Jaggery for centuries. We follow the centuries old tradition of making Chikkies only with Jaggery for its unique taste and health benefits.

And, NO Refined Sugar or Liquid Glucose in our Chikkies. Because that is not how Chikkies should be made!
Ingredients: Peanuts, Jaggery, Dried Desiccated Coconut, Cocoa Powder, Ghee, Rock Salt, Natural Flavoring Substances ( Chocolate)


Peanuts , Jaggery , Dried Coconut , Cocoa Powder , Ghee , Himalayan Salt , Chocolate Flavour .



Dried Coconut

Cocoa Powder