₹ 261.00  ₹ 290.00
SIRIMIRI Nutrition Bar - High in nuts, seeds and whole-grains to assist your body to take all the nutrients while providing exemplary taste. Never Compromise when it comes to your well-being
  • All Natural
  • Gluten Free
  • No Preservatives – No Refined Sugar
  • No Funky Syrups or Chemicals
  • All the ingredients you can see and recognize
  • 5gm Protein for each bar
  • Guilt free wholesome healthy snack to your children or take it with you to cope with busy workdayOr, have it as your breakfast with a cup of milk
  • Each 40g of our Nutrition bar provides you with 7% Protein, 9% Fibre, 8% Iron, 15% Magnesium, 8% Zinc, 7% Folates, 5% Vitamin E, 10% Vitamin K making this one of the super snack for your entire family.


Australian Rolled Oats , Natural Honey , Dates , Sunflower Seeds , Juglans regia , Jaggery , Jowar Millet Crisp , Butter , Flax Seeds , Buckwheat , Himalayan Salt , Clove Oil .


Sunflower Seeds

Juglans regia


Clove Oil